Dancers in the DPEA

Dancing is an art that we all practice, whether it be at formal dances, accompanying your favorite song, with friends or dancing alone. But in the DPEA, we have a lot of students who do some serious dancing in the form of ballet. I interviewed some of the students who do ballet and asked them some questions about the Nutcracker season, the skills required and why they love it. Here are our DPEA dancers:

 Tiana Ringer                                        Anna Lebolt                                             Ena Hashimoto

Isabel Clark                                          Taylor Fredrick                                       Tori Fay

Sunil Madhow                                      Tamar Cohen                                          Alyssa Rodriquez

Anna Gilmore                                       Fenna Roukema                                     Shivali Rao

Gabriela McClure                                 Brooklyn Fouch                                      Alexa Hellma

I first asked them what they love about ballet. These are the responses:

“I like being free and not being told what to do,”  Alyssa Rodriquez, Sophomore

“Dance is the ultimate form of expression,” Tamar Cohen, Junior

Tamar Cohen in this year’s Nutcracker at the Arlington.

“Its an escape from reality, you don’t think about anything,” Shivali Rao, Sophomore

“It’s allowed me to meet a lot of new people,” Isabel Clark, Senior

“The feeling of performing on stage with nothing but you and the music and the dark space is absolutely indescribable, ” Anna Gilmore, Junior

 “My favorite part of dance is when I reach one of the goals I set for myself,” Brooklyn Fouch,

Isabel Clark

I also asked them what they  find in common between engineering and dance. Here are there responses:

“In engineering there is lots of team work to get something done and help each other learn and in ballet you need to have lots of team work as well,” Tiana Ringer, Sophomore

“Both require discipline, detail and hardwork,” Anna Lebolt, Sophomore

“Both ballet and engineering have a pre set structure, basic rules and basic steps but the outcome of a project or performance is decided by you,”  Gabriela McClure, Freshman

From left to right: Taylor  Fredrick, Ena Hashimoto, Shivali Rao, and Gabriela McClure

“They both include hard work, dedication as well as being time consuming and fulfilling” Taylor Fredrick, Sophomore.

Taylor Fredrick

Many of these dancers perform in the Nutcracker every year.  I asked them about their favorite memories and their favorite dances from this timeless performance.

“Revealing of the cast,” Ena Hasimoto, Sophomore

Ena Hasimoto

“It’s always great to be backstage with friends before the performance, where we can generally relax in the knowledge that we’re done with the months of rehearsal,” Sunil Madhow, Sophomore

Tori Fay, a sophomore

“My favorite part is ‘Hell Week’ where we are at the studio everyday for 4-5 hours the week right before the show. This is the time where we really bond with each other,” Alexa Hellman, Sophomore

Alexa Hellman

Anna Gilmore mentioned that her favorite role was the Sugar Plum Fairy, which she was cast in last year’s Nutcracker, “It was absolutely a childhood dream come true.”

Anna Gilmore as the Sugar Plum Fairy

For the sophomore mobile project, Taylor Fredrick made a mobile with the theme of ballet. I asked her about her mobile and the process.

“I knew from the start that I wanted to make a ballet mobile. I didn’t how I would do it, but I knew I would do it,” says Taylor.

She also said that each dancer was a role model in her life. They were either specific people or specific roles in a dance.

Some of our DPEA dancers have been dancing for a long time. They’ve shared some pictures of them when they were young:

Ena Hashimoto
Anna Gilmore
Tamar Cohen
Alexa Hellman

As you can see we have a lot of DPEA dancers who are all talented and devoted to dance. These students all work hard in and out of school and are finding time to fulfill their engineering goals and their dancing goals. So next time you see one of these amazing multitaskers – say hello and maybe do a plié and an arebesque!


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