Senior Activities Business Team

Description: This new team manages events for DPEA seniors.

Main Events and Activities: Pizza with the D’Penguineers, End-Of-The-Year Party and other senior events.

Time Commitment: Monday nights as needed. Will vary throughout the year depending on events scheduled.

Mentors: Lori Baur, Lisa Shaeffer and Kathy Cardenas.
Mentor Lori Baur explains her favorite part about mentoring is “seeing the students on the team being given options, and then running with it.” She has been volunteering in the classroom since her children were in kindergarten and says she has loved “watching kids I have known grow, thrive, produce and become brilliant.”
Mentor Lisa Shaeffer explains her favorite part of being a senior activities mentor is “seeing what great ideas the students come up with, which are almost always more ambitious and exciting that what the parents/mentors come up with.”
Mentor Kathy Cardenas says her favorite aspect of  being a mentor on the team is “ knowing a little bit more about what’s going on at DPEA” and “being able to be on a team with my daughter.”

“It’ll be fun making the seniors feel connected” – Lindsay Wilson, senior

“I’m just really excited to plan all of the events and make the seniors happy” – Nathan Alvarez, senior

image12“My favorite part is working together to plan events with my friends!” – Kirra Cardenas, senior.

“I joined because it sounded fun and it’s fun to be involved” – Lindsay Wilson, senior

image13“I joined the Senior Activities team because I get the satisfaction of bringing people together” – Nathan Alvarez, senior

“I joined to help make senior year in engineering fun!” – Kirra Cardenas, senior

-Composed by Communications team member Siena Applebaum


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