Supply Chain Business Team

Description: Members of the Supply Chain Business Team are responsible for maintaining records related to DPEA expenditures and for routing forms and reimbursement checks to the proper individuals. Members work with teachers and mentors to identify purchases and provide information to the DPEA Treasurer for Academy accounting purposes.

Main Activities/Responsibilities: Tracking inventory, delivering, and managing sales. The team uses email and Quartzy to track orders. Their focus is to buy items, currently primarily for Mechatronics.

Time Commitment: The time commitment varies, but is generally an hour per week in the fall and more in the spring. During the fall, most of the work can be accomplished during our once a week meetings. After January, more time is required to process build-season purchases: more purchases are made and the time commitment of the mentors and teachers makes it more difficult to process accounts efficiently. 

Mentors: Kyle Odom, Deborah Fygenson, Ri-pen Chou, Dale Pearson, Rashda Khan

Mentor Kyle Odom was assigned to the mentoring position at the beginning of this school year “without really knowing anything about the team” but he soon learned how this team works with help from the help of Deborah Fygenson and the students. His favorite part about mentoring is  “Everyone on the team is friendly and fun, so we have a fun time while being productive during meetings.” He participates in this business team because “We wanted to have someone on the staff head the supply chain team so we could more easily coordinate between teachers and the team for ordering and inventory.”

Mentor Ri-pen Chou says his favorite part about mentoring a business team is “Being able to work with the students, teachers, and other parents and being able to help buy a lot of things on someone else’s credit card.” He participates in a team because he “wanted to help give back to DPEA by contributing his time.”


Sophomore Carly Marmo says, “Being on the Supply Chain team I have learned how to account in a organized way, which is a very useful skill. My favorite part of the business team is being able to work as a group and help the engineering academy in ways that would be very time demanding for the teachers. I participate to give back to the DPEA and to be able to learn new skills that could help me in the future.”

Junior Chloe Glikbarg says, “I participate on a business team because I wanted to get more involved in the engineering academy, and I’ve really gotten out of it a life skill of learning how to work with others and learning how to do accounting. My favorite part is probably getting to work with all the teachers; you get to know them a lot better and you get to really be involved in engineering.”



-Composed by Communications team member Sophia Kaminsky




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