Building/Equipment Business Team

Description: The Building/Equipment team is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the machines and equipment in the two machine shops. Building appearance and presentation is managed by this team as well. This team helps the DPEA shop manager keep the building well-organized and keeps track of the tools and machines used in the building.

Main Activities and Responsibilities: General maintenance of student machine shop and big machine shop, oil machines weekly, sweep the floors in the machine shops, organize tools that go with each machine, LPS the machines

Time Commitment: The Building and Equipment team meets for 1.5 hours each week, and their schedule is consistent throughout the entire school year.

Mentor:  John Clark

Sophomore Kailey Johnson says, “What I like about my business team is that we do general cleanup of the machine. It feels good to leave the work space clean for the classes to come, and people really appreciate our work. It’s really fun to just hang out with all of the cool people on my team. What I get out of my business team is a good experience of how to commit to something, and I really appreciate the Engineering Academy and I wanted to give back.”


Junior Allyse Birken says “Specifically to this business team, we get to work with machines that we don’t usually get to work with. Last year we got to use the rivet gun and things like that. I joined last year because I really liked the machine shop rotation, I really liked working with Mr. Hausler, and I thought it would be nice to expand my knowledge.”


-Composed by Communications team member Sophia Kaminsky


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