Art Business Team Landscaping Project

by Jenny Jang

Art Team: Who are we?

  • A group of students who collaboratively working on projects regarding all aspects related to art.
  • In the past, we’ve worked on the 2013 DPEA Maker Faire, art museum field trips to the LACMA, MOCA, and SB Art Museum, and annual end-of-the-year parties.
  • Our main focus for this year has been finishing the Landscaping Project of the DPEA.
  • As individuals, we strive to share our creative visions with our DPEA community.
  • We take pride in being a part of such a dedicated group of peers and of the development of the only student led, large scale project in the school district of this nature.

Our Roots: Concept

  • Our Goal: It is in our best interest to create an aesthetically pleasing and artistic environment which sparks inspiration and contributes to the growth and well being of the students. Citrus trees and fruits are a key identity of the city of Goleta, and we aim to mirror this culture by planting citrus around the building. This is our way of mixing the culture of Goleta with our academy and school.
  • Our Plan: We will landscape the whole outer perimeter of the DPEA building with drought-tolerant plant life such as citrus trees and agapanthus flowers. We will install benches and picnic tables along with matching garbage receptacles to provide a seating and garbage disposal area for the students around campus. We plan on installing a drought-friendly irrigation system. Additionally, we will receive two sculptures from the Squire Foundation, as well as a student-painted mural. Along the way, we will garner community support, as well as seek out donations and volunteerism. We plan on making this a community project and process by inviting DP student volunteers to be a part of creating such a useful space.

The Before: Past Situation

The DPEA was surrounded by dried dirt and dead weeds, creating a dreary atmosphere that surrounds the whole building. Furthermore, after rainfall, the ground became very muddy in response to the lack of landscaping.

The How: Work Process

The art team hosted several volunteer work days, often in conjunction with Beautify DP. During these efforts, DP students, DPEA peers, and generous community volunteers alike landscaped tirelessly. Such tasks included, but were not limited to: turning mulch, raking, planting, weeding, maintaining, watering, etc. Landscaping duties are now evenly embedded within the curriculum of the DPEA classes.

The What: Irrigation, Plants, Installments

  • Irrigation: Drip system–a low cost, low water irrigation system. It connects directly to a hose or faucet nozzle and does not require trenches for the piping because the system is mostly above ground. It works by slowly dripping water through a hose with many small holes or softly dripping water from strategically placed hose nozzles. Additionally, there are battery powered smart timers that regulate the flow of water.
  • Agapanthus: Durable, Easy to maintain, drought-friendly, not to mention beautiful!
  • Citrus Trees: Dwarf trees, sustainable, easy to care for, citrus rinds make the fruit durable.
  • Benches: Recycled plastic (milk jugs), rust resistant, affordable, 50 year warranty, matches trash cans.

The Art: Squire Foundation Sculptures

The Squire Foundation has generously offered two beautiful sculptures, along with the promise of taking responsibility for upkeep or maintenance.

  • “Bottle”: 56” wide x 56” deep x 81” tall
  • “Einstein”: 42 ½” wide x 48” deep x 101” tall

Our Achievement: Current Success!

All irrigation systems are set up and fully working. All plant bodies are planted, thriving, and blooming. Citrus trees currently produce fruit. Benches have been set up along the perimeter of the academy, along with counterpart trash cans. Both sculptures have been installed. The atmosphere has taken a 180-degree shift, into a colorful and healthy environment.

 January 23rd Event: Garden Reveal Party

We’ve poured our heart and soul into this project for about 3 years now, and on this day, it was showcased. Alongside an open house that displayed the DPEA’s curriculum and Senior Carousel, our unveiling took place. People from all around the community had the opportunity to learn about our process and enjoy the beautified space with us. We created a “Giving Tree,” where individuals could donate to our cause and depending on the amount would either post their name on a lemon, lime, or orange on the tree. All in all, our hard work paid off and was a success!




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