Grandparent Portrait Showcase

The annual Grandparent Portrait Art Show is a way for the students of Santa Barbara to recognize and celebrate all that our grandparent figures do in our lives. While the project was a mandatory assignment for all freshmen, sophomores, and juniors, only a selection of the pieces were chosen to be presented at the Faulkner Gallery, located inside the Santa Barbara Public Library. Because all forms of media are acceptable, the art show consists of paintings, collages, photography, sculptures, and more. Although this project is open to all students of Santa Barbara, over half of the submissions came from the students of the DPEA. Throughout the month of April, students and their families were invited to visit the gallery to see the art.

Sophomore Alyssa Nuno stands below her artwork (top center).

A committee member explained that students can strengthen the bonds with their grandparents by portraying them in a work of art.  Alyssa Nuno, who used photography and editing to create a warm rendition of a photo of her grandmother and her mother, says, “It made my Grandma happy because we travelled for an hour to take a picture of her. My mom is really proud of it too, she has it hung up in my house.” This project is bringing families in the Santa Barbara area together, and the DPEA is honored to be involved.

Sophomore Jasper van der Muelen shows off his work.